Custom Hydraulic Cylinders For Agriculture Equipment

Product Details

1.Product introduction

Hydro-cylinder is the main component on engineering machinery; many actions are taken by it. It is a hydraulic actuator, which is doing straight reciprocating motion to transfer the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. It has a simple structure and runs reliably to do reciprocating motion without reduction gear, and without transmission interval. Therefore, it is widely used at all kinds of hydraulic systems.

2. Our main material for the Hydro-cylinder is similar to followings:

Standard Specifications for Cast Steel




United Kingdom

BS EN 10083/2-1991



ASTM A 29/A29M-04



DIN EN 10083-2-2006



JIS G5111



ISO 683/1



1.Seals:Parker/Nok/Hallite/Taiwan ;

2. Rod : Chrome plated and quenched. Has good mechanical properties, long service life; 

3. Cylinder: honing machining /boring  /rolling;

4. Ballblast for paint ;

5. Short Delivery Time ;

6. Warranty: One year;

Mounting way:

1. Front and end of earring;

2. head fixed with flange;

3.end fixed with flange;

4. vertical to axis foot type;

5. middle fixed with pendulum shift;

6. end with single earring;

7. according to your demand.

Price and technical solutions :

In order for you to get a better price and technical solutions. Please provide the following required parameters:

1. bore diameter;

2. rod diameter;

3. stroke;

4. working pressure;

5. front and back end mount type;

6. using frequency;

7.Work Environment;

Certainly, you can provide drawing and product photos so that we can understand your meaning more conveniently, or you can also send us sample and we produce for you according to your sample.

Drawing show

Technical Parameter

1.The cylinder tube is plated hard chrome inside. When assembly, lubricate the head cap and piston which can avoid rust. This can improve the cylinder lifetime.

2. Air venting device is installed at the end of cylinder's hollow rod for air venting after assembly.

Hope to have cooperation with you soon! If possible, please kindly send us the drawings.

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1,Attention should be paid to be prevent loose, prevent dust and prevent rust work.In long time stop work after to reuse, should pay attention to use a clean cotton cloth wipe the exposed surface of the piston rod.Startup no-load running first, after waiting for normal in articulated machines

2, Storage :

As spare parts of hydraulic cylinder suggested, stored in a dry, moist insulation and cannot have corrosion and corrosive gases.Should note add appropriate protective oil and hydraulic cylinder in and out of the oil should be strictly protect, avoid piston rod oxidation etch and mechanical damage

3, Large impact load cases:

Should pay close attention to the hydraulic cylinder bearing lubrication, check the axis of the situation in a timely manner to adjust the hydraulic cylinder or machine components centerline

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