Latest Development of Push Pull Cable Conduits and Inner Wires

In the current market, most conduits no matter the liner tube or outer coating, are HDPE, POM etc material, and most inner members are armored inner cable. It's true that these can fulfill most times requirements, however, when customer's technical demand is extremely high, apparently these materials and designs are not fully qualified. So, besides traditional market demand, also we've paid much attention to those with extremely high end demand, tried our best to provide our customers with huge value more than imagine. 

Here we'd like to introduce our latest development. They are designed for heavy duty truck gear shifting application in high end market. Pls kindly check below details and drawings.

Firstly, a brief introduction of the 5 layered conduit construction, from inside layer to outside layer is,
first layer--------PTFE liner tube, ID5.1mm, OD6.1mm
second layer-----flat wire wrapped, after wrapping OD7.8mm
third layer-------long lay wire, Ø1.0 * 26Nos
fourth layer-----flat wire thickness 0.8mm * width 2mm
fifth layer-------TPE outer coating, OD15.2mm+0/-0.3

To match this PTFE liner tube conduit, we also prepare an excellent inner member of extremely low friction, it's ribbed nylon coated inner member, due to the embossment on nylon surface, the contact area between liber tube and inner member is extremely small, makes the friction decreased greatly, as a result, much easy push and pull operation.

Brief introduction of the cross section drawing as below,
1&2-----1*19 steel wire
3--------flat wire wrapped
4--------nylon coating
5--------embossment on surface

This combination is our latest development, we have started small mass production for our clients, the performance is much better than armored inner wire and common nylon coating inner wire.