Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth as Insulation for Fireplaces

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Material:Glass

  • Refractoriness:550°C

  • Apparent Density:180~210kg/m³

  • Color:Silver

  • Aluminum Foil Thickness(Micron):7/12/18/38 Micron for Your Choose

  • Fiberglass Weight(G/M2):90/130/160/200/260/450/600/800/850/1000 for Your C

  • Overall Thickness(Mm):0.11/0.15/0.18/0.22/0.28/0.47/0.62/0.9/1

  • Basic Cloth:Fg90/Fg130/Fg160/Fg7628/Fg260/Fg3732/Fw600/Fw800/F

  • Colour:One Side Silver One Side White

  • Roll Width:1m/1.2m or as Your Request

  • Adhesive Type:Hydrogel/Acrylate Adhesive

  • Certificate Support:ISO9001:2008&RoHS

  • Fire Prevention Performance Level:B1

  • Water Proof Performance:Yes

  • Origin:Jiangsu

Product Description
Heat resistant material Fiber glass cloth covered aluminium foil

High Adhesion Strength
Super Holding Power
Good Conductivity
ISO 9001: 2008 & RoHS certificated.


-Aluminum backing provides excellent reflection of both heat and light.
-High quality adhesive with super strong adhesion and holding power offers reliable and durable
-Low moisture vapor transmission rate.
-Service Temperature range from -20 to +80Celsius degree
-Fireproof material


1. Used as the export equipment packing materials for moisture barrier, water-proof, Fire-retarding and anti-corrosion.

2. Processed to all kinds of fire-retarding products such as fire-proof packet, fire-proof suit, Fire-proof bag, and fire-proof gloves etc.

3. Used as the thermal insulation material on Roof, wall, floor, tank, vessel, air conditioner, Tank, heat supply pipes or construction materials for the purpose of fire-retarding, Anti-corrosion, heat protection and sound aborption.

4. Packing chemical equipments such as oil and steam transportation pipeline.


Roll Wide: 50mm/60mm/70mm/80mm/90mm/100mm/1.0m/1.2m or as customer request
Roll Length: 50m/100m/200m or as customer request

It is essential, as with all pressure-sensitive tapes, that the surface to which the tape is applied must be clean, dry, free of grease, oil or other contaminants.


To obtain a thermally homogenous home and reduce heat losses properly, provide comfort in winter and summer, all surfaces in contact with the outside (roof, wall, loft) must be insulated.

All walls and the roof in particular must be insulated

The thermal performance of insulation must be very high in the roof. In winter and summer, Strong thermal resistance in the loft is essential.

In winter, losses are at their maximum through all opaque and glazed surfaces and structural links.

In the summer, direct sunlight on the walls and roofs - particularly exposed - can overheat the interior temperature. The same goes for windows which need outside shutters, blinds, awnings, etc to deflect direct sunlight from the house  Basic cloth  Thickness of Alu. foil 
Overall Thickness 
ALU-90  FG90  7/12/18/38  0.1  90  1/1.2 
ALU-110  FG110  7/12/18/38  0.12  110  1/1.2 
ALU-160  FG160  7/12/18/38  0.18  160 
ALU-7628  FG7628  7/12/18/38  0.2  200  1/1.2/1.37 
ALU-3732  FG3732  7/12/18/38  0.45  450  1/1.2 
ALU-600  FW600  7/12/18/38  0.6  600 
ALU-800  FW800  7/12/18/38  0.75  800 
ALU-3784  FG3784  7/12/18/38  0.9  850 
ALU-1000  FG1000  7/12/18/38  1000