Mechanical Control Push Pull Cable Conduit

Mechanical Control Push Pull Cable Conduit
Product Details

Product Name: Mechanical control push pull cable conduit

Usage: The outer casing for push pull control cables

Construction: Four layered conduit

Size: ID2.6*OD7.2mm, ID3.2*OD9.0mm, ID3.6*OD9.0mm, 

ID3.6*OD9.3mm, ID3.6*OD10.0mm etc, all sizes customized

Material: Inner tube: HDPE, PA6, PP, POM, PTFE etc. Customized

Armored flat wire: carbon steel, galvanized or SUS304

Long lay steel wires: carbon steel, galvanized or SUS304

Outer jacket: PA6, PE, PP, PTFE etc. Customized


1.Reinforced 4 layered conduit

2.High strength

3.Can bear pressure and impact

4.Guarantee no deformation of inner tube

5.Increase of service life


The mechanical control push pull cable conduit, it’s a protective outer jacket of mechanical control steel cable for mechanical control purpose, for instance, car gear shifting, accelerator control, boat rudder control etc. Our push pull cable conduits and inner cables have been in mass production for RENAULT, HYUNDAI ELANTRA & SONATA, KIA K5, VOLKSWAGON POLO, CHEVROLET CRUZE, BENZ, SCANIA etc.

Ordering Instruction:

1. Payment term: TT, 30% deposit, balance before shipment

2. Minimum order quantity: 3,000 meter/size

3. Monthly production capacity: 150,000 meters

4. Lead time: 25~30 days

5. Package: in roll or wooden spool, then on wooden pallet.

6. Sample making: yes, available

7. OEM: welcome

Who We Are?

We are a professional push pull control cable conduit and inner member manufacturer with years of industry experience, main products are push pull cable outer casing, galvanized or stainless steel wire rope used as control cable inner member, helix wound cable etc mechanical control cable parts.

Our factory is ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified, with strict quality management and full set of testing means, we’ve been committed to creating more value for quality-oriented clients aiming at middle and high-end market with an affordable price since Day 1. 

Thanks to continuous pursuit of quality control, our cables have won approval and trust from many famous automobile enterprises, such as VOLKSWAGON POLO, CHEVROLET CRUZE, HYUNDAI ELANTRA & SONATA, KIA K5, REYNOLDS, BENZ, SCANIA etc. Currently we have built long term relationships with control cable assembly manufacturers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, should you have any requirement or demand, please feel fee to contact us, all our staff at your disposal.

Related Information

Bowden cable

A Bowden cable is a type of flexible cable used to transmit mechanical force or energy by the movement of an inner cable relative to a hollow outer cable housing. The housing is generally of composite construction, consisting of an inner lining, a longitudinally incompressible layer such as a helical winding or a sheaf of steel wire, and a protective outer covering.

The linear movement of the inner cable is most often used to transmit a pulling force, although push pull cables have gained popularity in recent years e.g. as gear shift cables. Many light aircraft use a push pull bowden cable for the throttle control, and here it is normal for the inner element to be solid wire, rather than a multi-strand cable. Usually provision is made for adjusting the cable tension using an inline hollow bolt (often called a "barrel adjuster"), which lengthens or shortens the cable housing relative to a fixed anchor point. Lengthening the housing (turning the barrel adjuster out) tightens the cable; shortening the housing (turning the barrel adjuster in) loosens the cable.

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